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    Ripper list by the admin :



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    Ripper list by the admin :

    Post  Admin on Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:46 pm

    This is a small list of people i have discovered to be rippers in the past and i'm pasting my thoughts of them ;

    1.Nigerian ripper ( info in the bottom )

    he claims he is from usa and does wu transfer but what he really does is give fake mtcn ,on yahoo he says he is from usa and when i asked him why in another forum he says he was from nigeria- for profile purposes lol who wants to be from nigeria anyway? ) and he does wu transfers for 1000 $ min to any country with no upfront payment untill you see the transfer online and before he gives you full info he wants 100 $ on LR lol! LOL! ( and if you phone wu they say it's not real mtcn - and he says i have to activate it bla bla bla )

    his liberty reserve account : u6188779 ( in another forum he says he doesn't have access to LR in Ghana )

    his mails :

    diamondpond86@gmail.com or vidda111@yahoo.com

    his number ( or so he claims - arkansas number 0014799364750

    REMEMBER DON'T TRUST THIS GUY! he is fake and wants to rip you

    2. Cameroonian ripper

    last name : didier materne name : owona bekouma country - cameroon city - yaounde
    also here is his private number : +0023799513021
    feel free to spam him as hard as you can

    two new mails from this ripper : ipuitech@yahoo.fr , didiermaterne@yahoo.fr NEVER EVER give money to this guy!!!

    These guys are 100 % proof rippers who i have personally tried to do business with.

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